Specialty Dermatology and Skin Care Products

Recent researches has uncovered that both the skin barrier and the microbiome has equal importance on skin integrity. Changes in the microbiome may be linked with a disruption of skin’s natural barrier, which can cause visible signs of skin sensitivity. Or, once the stratum corneum has been damaged by a combination of physical and chemical factors, the skin is more vulnerable to infections by bacteria and fungi.

Improving the structure of the skin is as important as having an optimized antisepsis of the skin. The Barrier Function is an extremely important concept in skin care and serves a crucial protective function for the skin. It describes the strength of the skin barrier and how well it protects skin from the external environment. When the lipids in the mortar are damaged or depleted by harsh products, handling, or environmental conditions, skin loses water, gets dried out, and becomes more permeable to irritants and allergens. Once irritants or allergens penetrate the epidermis, they may trigger inflammation. Barrier-restoring therapies are indispensable part of dermatological treatments.

Corena Therapeutics offers Barrier Creams that improves the structure of the skin and prevents the entry of irritants, allergens and microbes by performing a protective barrier on dry, scaled and cracked skin which lost its barrier function.