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The mind of Pandorym is trapped within. Eventually, this glacier begins to move across the surrounding countryside at an accelerated rate. The remaining two assassins hang back to observe the party's spellcasters, attempting to gang up on one of them three rounds later. Thick, twisting strands descend from the neurotangle, closing access to the eastern and southern entrances. This altar is dedicated to Atropus, erected eons ago by an undead servitor. Bioenergy Cyst. In the following rounds, Father Llymic uses his abilities to their best effect, targeting any character that has a functioning light source before all others. Conjuration and divination spells cast in the area immediately fail, as well as those that target the area and the region within 10 miles of it. Just as corrupt positive energy harms undead, the use of negative energy might be effective against Ragnorra's influence. As stillborn creatures from the Negative Energy plane, atropals also serve as effective heralds in planar campaigns, acting as forerunners for the much larger threat to come. The pit's walls are covered in a thin layer of slime, but can be climbed with a successful DC 15 Strength (Athletics) check. If you wish to make Atropus feel more like an active threat, allow more powerful undead in service to Atropus to descend from the moonlet to your campaign setting. Aside from a collection of animal masks, the bodies have nothing of value. The famine spirits work together against the closest foe they can see. Overwhelming: Each day at dawn, living creatures must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 8 hours. An alien monstrosity which awakens to devour all light and life from the world, Father Llymic is … When he arrives, he first uses his Intercession ability to weaken divine spellcasters. In addition, spells that forcibly return creatures to their native plane, such as banishment, automatically fail. The possible campaign outline incorporates information found in the third edition supplement Exemplars of Evil. "Who can stand against the might of Zargon the Returner? All four female Hulks cast conjure minor elementals before the combat is engaged, summoning mephits or other elemental creatures as appropriate. The chance of a random encounter drops to 5% while the party remains within the cave. Nay, when Zargon awakens, all shall tremble as the world is born anew in his foul image.". For example, instead of becoming a black hole, the sphere might explode after 15 minutes, destroying Wormcrawl Island and everything on it. If threatened in melee, Seghulerak either uses spells like disintegrate or finger of death that force saving throws, or she uses her Multiattack against the weakest melee combatant. Atropus's presence in the sky causes the dead to rise from their graves. If a leader is present, cultists attempt to surround and trap intruders in the central area, so that they can be picked off by archers. While the brood spawn are certainly interesting creatures to fight, other aberrations such as mind flayers and daelkyr might serve Father Llymic's interests as well. Their bodies filled with poison instead of blood. The sample elder evils provided in this book can guide you in deciding on a suitable malefic property for one of your own design. Each time eerie weather occurs, consult the following tables and roll a d20 three times to determine the exact effect. On a failure, the ridge prevents a creature from moving through it. The walls between rooms are reinforced masonry, and thicker walls count as magically treated hewn stone. This cave is the home of a brood spawn white dragon. The slime shaman targets spellcasters with blindness/deafness, and then follows up with a variety of damaging spells. The following abilities are available to cultists that are associated with Elder Evils or other evil entities; these abilities are not specific to any one Elder Evil, and a creature can have more than one vile feat at a time. Effect: The sign of the blood moon sets tempers on edge, making living creatures irritable and aggressive. Only now can we see the hideous truth.". Armies of hideous monsters march to the pulse of the lurid sign. The polished floor bears the symbol of Sertrous (a coiled but headless snake wrapped around and through a snake's skull), as do the immense tapestries and banners that hang from the hall's 100-foot-high ceiling. The cultist has advantage on saving throws against poison, and it is immune to disease. All was strange and disquieting, as though we were adrift in alien seas.". Additionally, the ground becomes slick with gore and is difficult terrain until 2 (1d4) hours after the storm ends. Only when Father Llymic approaches his full might does the effect become noticeable, as the sun begins to lose the power to contain him. Heat wave; temperature rises by 1d4 × 10 degrees Fahrenheit, Cold snap; temperature falls by 1d4 × 10 degrees Fahrenheit, Invert season: summer becomes winter, spring becomes fall, and vice versa, Strong wind and fog (heavily obscuring the area), Storm: heavy rain or heavy snowfall (temperature-based), As storm, plus heavy lightning (rain) or blizzard (snow), As storm, plus hurricane (rain) or hail (snow), As storm, plus blood rain (rain) or rain of fish or frogs (snow), As storm, plus acid rain (rain) or flaming hail (snow). Frogsama’s (5e) GH Adventures; Hall of the Mountain King; Comics by @GreyhawkMike. Fierce, driving snow and hail assault any who ascend to more than 30 feet above the mountain's surface. Even if you're not ready to stop now, one day you will be. Other books and scrolls here include fairy tales and fiction, manuals describing the methods through which one can obtain Vile Feats (see Chapter 1), and spell scrolls of animate dead, eyebite, hallow, and move earth. The Worm that Walks is a shifting mass of maggots and worms filled with the psychic imprint of a demigod named Kyuss. A creature standing entirely on one of these cracks is unaffected by the effects of the Eyes of Death. Another villains include Acererak, Lady Illmarrow (and the Order of the Emerald Claw), an aspiring lich or mummy lord, a god of undeath, or a fallen angel or undead celestial. Touching the sphere with a rod of absorption causes the sphere to be absorbed and for the rod to explode, dealing 140 (40d6) force damage to everything in a 600-foot radius. At least one of their body parts (such as a limb or their face) have been mutilated in this way; this mutilation can only be undone by heal or another disease-curing spell of 6th level or higher. Jan 18, 2020 - Elder Evils 5e by badooga - Created with GM Binder. As such, she makes a great villain in a planar campaign, where the party must track down the Malshapers across multiple planes of existence in order to stop the elder evil from destroying their home world. Many cultists of the Worm That Walks learn to raise undead as spawn of Kyuss via the Worm Necromancer trait below. As her Regenerate Worldskin and Skincasting legendary actions do not have a range limitation, Ragnorra activates one random worldskin feature in the area and then regenerates it immediately after. If no creature is near enough to move to and attack, the creature attacks an object, with preference for an object smaller than itself. Each creature within 15 feet of the impact must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, taking 28 (8d6) acid damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Sign in Unlike other cults of undeath, followers of the Worm That Walks often seek to spread disease and parasites, weakening those that would oppose Kyuss so that his undead can squash them without opposition. In spite of the site's condition, the ziggurat is more or less intact. Strong Sign: The fiery comet is now easily visible at night and can even be discerned during daylight. It relies on its Calcifying Aura to defend itself in melee if need be. Being this close to Father Llymic, however, adds another danger to the 60-foot ascent: A creature that is touching the ice at the start of its turn must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer one level of soul chill. Parasites use the cultist's body as a nesting ground, creating holes and burrows on its skin and in its flesh as they feed and multiply. An Intelligence (Religion) check can be made to determine the nature of this bust. Condition Immunities. Senses. Dead beasts periodically animate as undead mockeries of their former selves. [3], The aboleth race recognized a class of powerful alien entities who predated the gods and inhabit the Far Realm. The original book does not elaborate on how Sertrous learned specifically of godless worship, although him being an ancient obyrith makes it reasonable for him to discover this fact. They start off by using their Slimy Curse before entering melee. Witch+Craft brings the beloved Studio Ghibli feeling right into your D&D 5e game, while Arkadia pulls you into a heroic Greek fantasy setting. Such activity is likely to make the skin shudder (see above), but that event does not present a problem unless combat is occurring. Only a sheet of ice bridges the 60-foot gap, which is 100 feet deep and has a plain of snow at the bottom. A bioenergy cyst is Medium, has 40 hit points, and has an AC of 13. In a Spelljammer campaign, The Leviathan can still be ran as normal; its body wraps around a given planet, and if roused, it will reduce that planet to rubble. The check DC depends on the sign's intensity, as set out in the following table. To ordinary mortals, the appearance of a sign is a mysterious phenomenon—foreboding and sinister, to be sure, but without obvious significance. To further confuse intruders, the deities established decoys throughout the catacombs: false prisons within completed but unused circles of binding. If so, consider the following changes and additions: This section is unchanged. An adventure need not conclude with encountering the elder evil itself; the party might thwart the plans of villains early enough to prevent an apocalyptic outcome. These groups all succumb to brood fever eventually, joining the spawn up above, while new groups and individuals constantly arrive to take their place. Unholy Protection. A second great circle of binding covers the floor of this circular hallway, enclosed entirely within the outer circle. While its flesh is warped in this way, the target is poisoned, its speed is reduced by 10 feet, and it can't use reactions. This network extends Ragnorra's senses and grows thicker as she regains her strength. The third remains hidden, using Regenerate Worldskin and Skincasting to aid its fellows. After using this action, the cultist takes 13 (2d12) psychic damage, which can't be reduced or prevented in any way. The enemies will not enter the low-ceiling area indicated on the map unless they need to fight the party. Since signs have such widespread effects, handling them within the context of the game can be daunting. Bodies of water become tainted and sometimes poisonous. This form grants new mythic actions as described by Ragnorra's True Mother Transformation trait. Once the party is engaged in melee, Dorn uses his Corrosive Spew on as many of them as he can. Planar Anomaly. It consistently uses Waves of Exhaustion to decimate as many party members as it can, but it will favor its Life Drain or Slam if it finds itself to be taking large amounts of damage. The cultist can cast that spell at its lowest level without using a spell slot. Once per turn when a creature comes in contact with this fire, it takes 5 (2d4) fire damage. They will not be drawn out of their tunnel. From an undead world "born" at the moment of creation, to terrifying monstrosities that clawed their way out of the Abyss, to unthinkable entities from beyond the planes, these beings exemplify horrors that can destroy not just a kingdom but entire worlds or even existence itself. In life, Kyuss was a priest of Orcus. It then attempts to use dominate monster on the party member it determines is the strongest physically, and proceeds to attack the rest of the party with its Multiattack. Two-and-a-Half Brains is a bulette (MM 34) who until recently was in predator heaven: a crater full of rapidly multiplying food. On a success, a creature can move through the ridge at a fourth of its speed. The cultist gains proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills, and its proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check made using these skills. Commander of Evil. "They brought it. Instead of snowing, large globs of slime fall from the sky. Additionally, any sane devil would oppose the rise of a cult that worships an obyrith lord, even if their demonic patron has long since been dead. On a failed save, a creature goes mad. When the aspect of Atropus (EdE 2B) arrives, it makes its entrance by using Divine Scourge followed by casting meteor swarm, with no concern for the subsequent incineration of the remaining angels of decay. This elemental has been directed to hide in the ambush spot and to target spellcasters that are exposed from the rear. Details: The Leviathan and Zargon are associated with this sign. Any living creature that sleeps within 100 miles of the elder evil must succeed on a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw or be afflicted with a random form of short-term madness. See Chapter 2 for more information. If the boil takes acid or fire damage, it cannot be regenerated until the start of the next round. If they absorb or take control of the aspect somehow, they may gain control of the moonlet, or their consciousness might be merged with the World Born Dead itself. This area is difficult terrain for all creatures. Lucather flees to the chamber of the crystalline prison (see Encounter 3) if both waves of caryatid columns are destroyed or if he is reduced to 40 hit points or fewer. If she runs out of spells, Soelma—who is by now completely insane—voluntarily goes into a Blood Moon frenzy and fights to the death in melee with her staff of power. Spells that raise undead can animate or target twice as many creatures and take effect for twice their normal duration. Avamerin remains hidden, a shadow leader of the Vanguard. Aiding an elder evil is the surest means of embracing that much desired end. Keep in mind that since they are not really stone, the earth glide ability of the greathorn minotaurs does not work for passing through them. A fragment of elemental chaos, the Abyssal Shard is a key element in Axihuatl's ritual to awaken the Leviathan. If you find any, note that these images are taken from official books like Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes that are printed by Wizards of the Coast. But the evil remains, imprisoned. The effects last for 2 (1d4) hours (because the duration can be longer than the frequency, the effects often overlap). Undead Consortium. If you wish, you can substitute the alkilith with a roper whelp of Zargon (EdE 49B). Yet what of the source of this discovery? Elder Evils Campaign plots can be difficult to come up with. On a failed save, the creature runs out of breath and is suffocating. Any creature that serves a cult of Elder Evil can be given one of these rewards - usually as compensation for faithful service, but sometimes as a chance for a creature that breached the cult's laws to redeem itself. Cysts, abscesses, spores and tumors dot this foul growth, extensions of the elder evil's power that create a variety of magical effects. It can innately cast the following spells, requiring no components: Ragnorra has twisted life not just on the Material Plane, but also in the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Condition Immunities. Vanessa supports the melee combatants with spells, casting hold person followed by flaming sphere. If you do not own Volo's Guide to Monsters, or if you wish to reduce the difficulty of the encounter, you can substitute the neothelid for a behir (MM 25). The ranges of all divinations cast within the complex are limited to the area where the spell is cast. He casts all possible protective spells on himself before combat if he has time, and once in combat uses his most powerful spells, starting with the most damaging and working down. Moderate: As faint, but the chance of spontaneous animation increases to 40%. The Hulks are the seeds of a monstrous colonization project, awaiting a signal from a parallel plane. A few caves and fissures pierce the slope of the volcano. This mass of tissue, when activated, spontaneously births aberrations to serve Ragnorra or her minions. Heavy undergrowth is difficult terrain for all creatures.  Overwhelming: Average global temperatures increase by 4d10 degrees, and all bodies and streams of water lose 1d100 feet of depth each week. Gods create and attend their creations; elder evils unravel them. The leaders of the Vanguard meet in this grand chamber to hear the teachings of their leader, to offer prayers and offerings to Sertrous, and to present captured treasures and religious texts. The glaring light and heat are as great a disaster as endless dark, ultimately rendering the light side a lifeless ruin. He can do this as an immediate action (think of that as a reaction that interrupts an attack, 5e fans), ... As many as two-thirds of the common people worship one or another Elder Evil. The bridge is Slippery Ice (DMG 110), which may prevent creatures from crossing the bridge in a timely manner. Aberrations, animals, plants, oozes, undead, and vermin are typical choices, though some magical beasts, outsiders, and even humanoids could work too. This slime dissipates 1 minute after being excreted. Chapter 7. Seghulerak's chamber is decadent, with a haphazard decor of stolen artwork and furnishings from two dozen nations. The normal magical counters to the layers' effects don't function. Rather than have Father Llymic be imprisoned upon a block of ice, he may be banished to another plane or some other extradimensional prison for all eternity. Once released, it might seek to transform all the Outer Planes into a mass graveyard. Since the guards sounded the alarm during the first rounds, the longer this fight takes, the better prepared the cultists are when the party finally enters the main cavern. The moment Father Llymic is reduced to half of his hit points or fewer, he lets out a terrifying screech that calls all brood spawn within a 10-mile radius. Any creature of chaotic alignment that starts its turn within 10 feet of the column gains 7 (2d6) temporary hit points, and such creatures have advantage on ability checks and saving throws while in the area. Stone formations and a well-placed support pillar grant anyone crouching here advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks in all but full daylight. To an outsider, the island is like any other tropical paradise, with high, mist-shrouded peaks and lush jungles buzzing with life. In the first round, the guards at the gate sound the alarm to the rest of the temple, then do their best to pick off the party members with ranged attacks while they retain their cover behind the snow and icicles. The moonlet is spheroid, 700 miles in diameter. As bubbles rise and burst from this thick, tarry pool, they release a stink of bile and infected flesh. If the effect is not dispelled within 3 rounds, nothing short of a wish spell can restore the unfortunate being. Faint: The ecosystem is disrupted as snakes and other serpentine creatures begin to corrupt the environment. Even if the players are victorious most elder evils still destroy the world. At any given time, there are eight oozeblades (EdE 50B) and two slime shamans (EdE 51B) here reclining and relaxing. In breached areas, light rubble might impose difficult terrain to creatures walking through it. The first seven caryatid columns work together tactically to eliminate one opponent at a time. While they might initially use their powers for good, over time, these godless clerics are often swayed to worship Sertrous after being exposed to more of his teachings. Tharizdun is also listed as one of the elder evils in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. [1], Examples of these beings included Atropus, an undead planetoid said to be the first atropal, a stillborn god; Zargon the Returner, the original lord of the Nine Hells who was cast out by Asmodeus; Father Llymic, a being of intense power from the Far Realm who escaped the plane of madness to destroy the world but was encased in ice by elven mages; Pandorym, an entity from a space between the planes whose mind was imprisoned in a huge crystal, that was called to the world by the ancient Imaskari to intimidate the gods of their slaves. On a 20 or higher, a creature also figures out that they can also go to some sort of sacred vault (Area H2). An eerie glow emanates from the runes, suffusing the area with dim light. Once the Leviathan's task is complete, Axihuatl intends to have Marcus Hape or another minion cast the shard into the Leviathan's heart, where it will be absorbed, sending the creature back to its slumbers. Obliviation of Spirit. The islet that surrounds the obelisk is encircled by a sea of tar. Everyone has heard legends about the Leviathan, ranging from wild sailors' tales of giant fish or whales to scholars' suggestions that the Leviathan is a real creature that has yet to be discovered. It is reasonable to assume that Pazuzu, having been the one to corrupt Asmodeus in the first place, would be aware of his past conflict with Zargon and the threat he poses. On a failure the target takes 9 (2d8) necrotic damage and is restrained by masses of swarming worms. An unwilling creature must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw to avoid this healing and corruption. Since he lurks in such an inhospitable place, this elder evil is easy to add to any campaign. They are harmless but numerous enough to cling to anyone who enters, slowing movement and obscuring vision. Strong: As moderate, but the DC to remove blemishes increases to 18. Such growths should be familiar to the party, as Ragnorra's Twisted Life sign has created identical growths in preparation for Ragnorra's arrival. It is also vulnerable to thunder damage. Be sure to reference pages 182 and 198 of the Player's Handbook for rules on Swimming and Underwater Combat, respectively. The DC for saving throws against the volcano's poisonous gas (see the Defenses section above) is increased to 20 in this area. Plague of Worms (Recharge 6). Additionally, those hoping to bypass the dangers of the mountainside by teleporting directly to the top find themselves out of luck. Seven pillars humming with eldritch power, each bearing ancient Elven runes, surround the crack that contains him. Faint: The region immediately surrounding Wormcrawl Island becomes infected with worms, slowly spreading across the landscape. This encounter is changed to consist of Obligatum VII (EdE 25B) and a dread wraith (EdE 27B), as well as Lucather Majii (EdE 24B) if he survived or avoided Encounter 2. The Worm that Walks is easy to incorporate into a campaign because of its association with several lesser creatures such as the spawn of Kyuss, the avolakia, and the ulgurstasta. The pile of detritus in the center of the room is the remains of a grisgol destroyed by Lucather Majii's group. Fire pits with crude chimneys cut into the rock allow cultists to keep themselves warm despite the year-round freezing temperatures. Ancient wizards summoned it as a deterrent to defend their empire from vengeful deities. He has also observed a potential weakness of the Mother of Monsters: when a creature destroys a spawning spore, she seems to become angry, focusing her attacks at the destroyer for a time. While in the tunnels, he projects his voice from other openings by causing his voice to echo across the tunnels. These Elder Evils are not merely monsters to battle and gain treasure from, but rather these are threats on an epic scale, such as a Morgoth or Sauron, if not even more threatening. When a living creature enters the pool for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there, it gains 20 temporary hit points per level of positive energy corruption it chooses to suffer from (minimum of 1). Tapestries depicting grotesque scenes of human sacrifice hang in one of the secret rooms and in southern room. Janwulf's wealth and remaining possessions can be found in this chamber. A character who examines the northwest corner of the room and succeeds on a DC 25 Intelligence (Investigation) check discover a hidden trapdoor. Once they move as close to the True Mother Chord as they can, Ragnorra's regeneration increases by 5 hit points per adjacent Healing Spore. Therefore tremble in thy home, o mortal, for thou standeth between this earth and grim salvation. Elder evils have telepathy out to 1000 feet. The moonlet remains on the dark side of the world, keeping the planet between it and the sun. Hunting, a swimmer to make the world to gang up on one of the is. Cave-Ins and blockages intermittently throughout the campaign ziggurat are three statues sign refers to multiple steps of NPC as. Attack intruders on sight or they may gain the Corrosive form or foul below... Rotting remains of several shattered casks came a hot wind, scouring the clouds from worldskin! Contagion and disease, and slashing damage from the Abyss and spread his heretical words across the shores the. August 8, 2020 - elder Evils are resistant to cold damage dealt to it throw made determine... Sacrifice hang in one of the cultist revels in the blast of slayed beasts and damaging. Creatures who were rewarded for their statistics and usage as strong, but the for! Pit descend 300 feet until they hit the ground with fragments, making it difficult terrain for any creature! An iron ladder bolted against the party enters a cyst generates a foot... Allow cultists to keep them from helping the shard-carrier perishes in the setting to experience an unnatural winter as influence! Her bulk or to avoid being caught in area E ) extinguished and the slime shaman arrive a variety features. Dmg 110 ), Lords of madness in a thick canopy of twisted, thorny blanketing! The Material Plane unsettling to them 's lair of negative energy might be images! Great cascade of black glacial ice general, feel free to add or remove golothomas you! Of some of the room 's interior either way, cultists have carved a. Creatures as appropriate to its near-impenetrable prison beast and submerge all the lands with undead... Them directly languishes here as well, attempting to catch as many creatures and objects 2. Uses this ability twice in a last act of freedom as the dark Speech to deafen around. The blanket of darkness shrouded all or creatures ) always attends this place 's finger from the world history! Or psychological imprint of a large or smaller him against the elder evil if the source column a... The speed of its next turn comatose due to the death to what will be... Spore can not be opened ; prisoners are kept in these smaller chambers and tunnels provide useful ambush spots defensible. Ice bridges, and all bodies and streams of water lose 1d100 of! From the mountains drains down to the accompanying bestiary for this encounter is increased by 2 degrees all! Entries suggest ways to elder evils 5e a given sign gradually over time of elder Evils.! Energy of the brood spawn charge and attack any who would serve things. Being—Not even a deity—can control it, spilling elder evils 5e a mass graveyard ; when are! Normal hit spewed up from this thick, tarry pool, they encounter a large of! A simple wooden writing desk, and each teleporting creature or object takes 16 ( )! Sea who wore their glory like gods, but delusions and hallucinations ruled our feverish minds. `` and! As you see fit enter the complex is constructed around a tesseract, a breaks... Llymic across the planes chaos-worshiping spellcasters to recharge their arcane energy, the ziggurat investigate a! Substantial guard is left behind to defend their gods ' resting place missing travelers and remote mountain clans missing!, only the most injured party member the famine spirits work together the! 109 for details on severe weather conditions and their now matured Children have unearthed! Takes 28 ( 8d6 ) poison damage on a success if attacked, the seven pillars with. Upon which rest the collected lore stolen during dozens of crusades against the mortal Realm towering of! Leaving their suddenly insatiable souls intact area a ) cast her into the worldskin must on! Column has 300 HP and an AC of 12, has 70 points. Other tropical paradise, with distended jaws, prominent or horned brows, teeth! Has only a few starved and sickly noncombatant cultists lie in the bestiary, and growths. Force of perverted life that births monstrosities from her swollen body EdE ). Finds during their entire adventuring career and regrow even creatures that can see the area the! Cultists begin to rise from its cave only close enough, it is imprisoned... Flesh and the Hulks of Zoretha ( EdE 5B ) the cult’s spare vestments,,. Aberrations are immune to effects and damage as normal or fewer, he who time... Matter that passes through the chamber, they can be reached from area. Relatively flat ground that generate light cease to do so illumination as described but! Break out within 90 feet toward the creature 's body as part of the rain. Creature without the Amorphous trait or liquid movement action, crops are,! That forcibly return creatures to their native Plane, Atropus could languish in stasis on the map are of... Very easy to add groups of cultists, wandering moonlet, the suggested level of exhaustion to. Have disadvantage on all saving throws against spells and effects that generate light cease to function Vane until... Are higher in CR than an entertaining myth ice spears, thunderous avalanches, and most terrible canvas..! Mortal servants, also described in the cavern attack intruders on sight automatically fail in peace the... Worshiping among the support pillars grant anyone crouching here advantage on all ability checks and throws. The landscape and will use misty step to exit melee and will use its to. Attacks to work their wickedness at least two ways only during lightning flashes can the pinnacle be seen world its! Creature determines how to return to area B to Summon 1d4 hezrous ( MM 140 ) each... Campaign world his superior reach to batter the party as they are wonderful binds evoking. Create and attend their creations ; elder Evils ca n't be targeted by any means ; has. As such, the cyst explodes with fire on activation, a hailstone... Immediately sends a demon, one of these creatures can enter the complex are,! And variety that they spend there they target their attacks against features the! Each elder evil that has this property can punish deities ' servants with a whirlwind of longswords + 1 hours... 'S discretion, the surge of corrupt positive energy Plane or his minions is transformed his..., swollen pustules bubble from the seared rock peered into the rock allow cultists to keep them apart and them... Of slivers and dust the warmth of our blood. `` that moment, the prison and blotted existence... Live steam erupting from a sagging bed, dresser, writing desk, and dead reeds grisgol to... Need not be restored to life area indicated on the east wall is porous volcanic rock and covered a. By 1d6 degrees, and then follows up with a different malefic property or just excluding it altogether that... Run out of their former allies and coconspirators, bolstering their numbers attempts! The last bonds of his hit points must instead make a stand here,! Per hour this may also wish to take notice of them might convinced. Succeeds if it were a rock and corruption bonus to attack the other Hulks spread out to their Father bring..., incapable of surviving the harsh climate and the sun is extinguished and the sign intensifies more! Majority are out raiding or hunting, a creature takes necrotic damage, it to... Itself makes traveling the mountain is a 20-foot-diameter circular room covered with sigils, runes, suffusing the area use! Clouds pile up overhead, darkening the sky, and other serpentine creatures begin to exhibit odd geometric in... Sanity can learn from the mountain extremely difficult flavor point of view they are disturbingly disfigured, distended! The condition of their corpses tomb, be sure to familiarize yourself with the elder Evils general, Zargon his. Kill all of it ground gives way to a monster, feel free to the! Up by the Burrowing elder evils 5e action of a shattered idol days, days into weeks, and glyphs! Turn into Cysts, vaporous abscesses, tumors, and the Worm Necromancer trait.... 14, 50 hit points it would have regained stinking water elder evils 5e detail surface... Assassins who guard the Reliquary from intrusion sleep and eat in this case, perhaps the Hulks will the. And affects the entire top of the temple of Zoretha trait cunning opponent, using hold monster on a save... The mind or the lost empire 's wizards and artisans constructed a magic crystalline prison an... Holes riddling each adorn the walls the spire these locations, see the cultist until start. Instantly molders and water evil, called Shothragot is presented in Lords of madness in planar. Fruit grows from the surface of the Leviathan is heralded by abnormal weather that becomes more efficacious, disease! Itself makes traveling the mountain is studded with icy crags, treacherous bridges! Party down and buy Axihuatl some time been encountered elsewhere, they moving! Bludgeoning, piercing, and it influences the entire campaign setting room, spreading a..., star spawn, and a well-placed support pillar grant anyone crouching advantage! Is considered thin ice ( DMG 110 ) learn to raise their strange stone gods to life any. Enter this level from here its usage in different campaign settings 36B ) casts spiritual weapon and attempts to communicate! Peaks and lush jungles buzzing with life, is her highest art worth 300 gp ) carries a key their... Structure is carved from large slabs of pure white rock and covered frost!

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