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Safari Lodges short breaks will include meals prepared by the head chef, exclusive views of the animals and admission to the Safari Park and its attractions. £100.00 per person (aged 6+ years. £155.00 per person (aged between 12-15 years). A brave member of staff from West Midland Safari Park is going above and beyond to fundraise for the conservation of threatened rhinos. Two more lodges will offer incredible views of the Park’s cheetahs – also the only experience of its kind in the UK. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “At present we have two adult long-tailed chinchillas by the names of Gladys and Julian and we are over the moon that they have become first-time parents to three incredibly cute kits. This will be a photo opportunity too. Not only will guests be able to see our incredible animals enjoying the Halloween season on safari, but they’ll also be able to interact with our resident family of witches and wizards, ‘The Grimleys’! Beginning on 19 October, the two-week long festival includes ‘Potion Quest’, a brand-new interactive trail where children must help Wilbert the Wizard with a spell to reunite his family. Every creature has to be counted, from the crash of huge white rhinos, down to the colony of tiny leaf cutter ants. Although carrots and apples are usually the first choice for treats, the Park is currently abundant with pumpkins – part of the theming for the annual Spooky Spectacular event, which is running until Sunday 1st November. Keepers got into the Halloween spirit over half term, adding two surprise pumpkins into the Indian rhino’s large grassy paddock, which Inesh has been venturing out to for the first time this week, as he starts to explore more of the Safari alongside his mother. We wanted to do something special for his fifth birthday, as the number five is very significant to Sutton in particular – not only is his mum called ‘Five’, he was also born on the fifth day of the fifth month (5th May) at 5:30pm! 11.15am – You are now free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure in the Safari Drive-through, Discovery Trail, and African Village. No monkeys. However, it really is make or break time. They eggspecially enjoyed pushing it into the water, (the keepers did not, as it meant having to try and fish it out before it sank!).”. Brave guests will also be able to experience the Adventure Theme Park and Land of the Living Dinosaurs in the dark! Enter your details below to sign up and receive our latest press releases via email. The seven cubs, named Hunter, Hercules, Hernatty, Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira, bring the total number of African lions at the Safari Park to 18. Packs of dholes are very social and work together to care for all members. During this 20-minute encounter, you will get to learn all about the penguins whilst offering enrichment and feeding them fishy treats. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Our sea lions are getting super eggcited for Easter. 2.30pm – The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish at your leisure in the Safari Drive-through, Discovery Trail and African Village. We are reopening the walk-through areas on selected dates from, Read more about our Christmas Festivities –. Head of Elephants, Andy Plumb, said, “All three of our elephants are very special to us, but we especially like to celebrate Sutton’s birthday as he was born at the Park, so we’ve literally watched him grow from day one. Once they have collected all of the ingredients in their potion bottles, they will receive a magical sweet treat for their efforts. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Finding the cute new baby was a huge surprise for our keepers! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. From huge rhinos to tiny meerkats and squawking penguins, the West Midlands Safari Park has one of the the UK’s biggest collections of animal experience days. The penguins first arrived at the Park in 2012, from zoos in the UK and Germany. Sarah explained, “Breeding overall is exceptionally important for the future of the rhino as a species, not only to increase numbers, but to also protect the breeding females alongside recognising and understanding any difficulties they may face during the whole process of pregnancy and parturition. One member of the pack, Bella, even spent a lot of time in the den when they were first born, helping to keep the pups warm. Animal keepers at West Midland Safari Park have had a busy start to the year by undertaking the annual animal stock take. The two single-story, detached cheetah lodges will also sleep up to six people. We really are so proud to be the recipients of this award and to be recognised for continuing to deliver a fantastic day out to our guests. Angela Potter, Head of Wildlife said, “As part of our zoo licensing requirements, from 1 January, we complete an audit and produce a report for our Local Authority, so keepers have been out and about counting all of our animals, from elephants down to ants! Matthew said, “, Sue Day, the Group Visit Co-ordinator at the Park said, “, Meeting and feeding our sea lions during a Sea Lion Show. Date restrictions apply. You will join the keeper to help present the talk by giving the lemurs a snack for their lunch. Children aged 12-15 years must be accompanied by an adult to watch from the path. The Keeper will also give you a guidebook. All the funds raised from Cathy’s half-marathon run will go directly to SRI, which will support the fight against poaching and habitat loss across 25 field programmes in 12 countries. “The new facilities for our African elephants have been designed to include outdoor pools, enrichment areas such as mud wallows, dust baths and multiple feeding areas, plus it gives them the opportunity for 24-hour roaming. The Annual Pass can still be used against admission. Whether you are arriving by car, coach or minibus, there are no parking charges for our guests! After holding this species of rhino for over ten years, this is our first calf to be born at the Park.”, “We acquired Seto and Rap as youngsters and have been able to watch them grow and mature over time; which makes it even more momentous to see them produce their own calf. She then carried them away to protect them from her companion Nakal and started tearing them apart to get to the meat hidden inside. n be shared with Seto for her final decision. Each lodge will offer free Wi-Fi, TV, coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce. West Midland Safari Park has been celebrating the spookiest of seasons, with some pumpkin treats for their latest arrival, Indian rhino calf, Inesh. Our brand-new, incredible elephant lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in Europe. 10.30am – You are now free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure. Research and Conservation Officer, Katie McDonald, said, “Rhino conservation is more important than ever at the moment. This experience provides you with the opportunity to pop the question in a way you and your partner will never forget. During the week-long event, guests will be able to visit a Rhino Information Station where they can see some rhino artefacts, find out what the Park’s rhinos eat, learn about the eleven rhinos at the Park and enter a competition to win a cuddly toy rhino. Marketing and Park Events Officer, Holly Ashworth said, “We’re so excited that our summer season starts on 16 Feb and to celebrate, we are starting the year with a prehistoric adventure for all of our guests. £40.00 per person (aged over 12 years. Disabled pass holders must produce relevant and valid proof of disability, such as a blue badge or receipt of DLA, on each visit to gain free entry for their carer. Over half term I had a few days off work. Annual Passes must be paid for in full at time of purchase. But they no longer have monkeys. Help feed the hippos, learn about the fascinating world of reptiles, see leaping lemurs or have a close encounter with one of our friendly fluffy animals during our daily talks, feeds and encounters!!! Although a hippo would never come across a pumpkin in the wild, it is important that the hippos’ skin is always kept moist, so being inquisitive animals, the floating pumpkins help entice the animals into the water, even on colder days. During the event, families will be magically transported to the North Pole, where they will be able to pay a visit to Santa in his grotto. A guided tour of the four-mile Safari by minibus is a great experience for the whole family. They’ve put in a dinosaur and prehistoric section which gives more to do. Kate said, “The award was always an achievement that people spoke about, but I never imagined getting. The Park is also running a competition throughout the event, where visitors have the chance to win a family Annual Pass. Rides in the Adventure Theme Park are charged extra. Take the main Hagley Road to the Quinton Expressway A456 through Hagley and Blakedown following Safari Park signs through Kidderminster to Bewdley. Ian Nock, Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, said, “It is an important part of a keeper’s job to try and provide enrichment in different ways for the animals in our care. Employees are also part of a rewards and recognition scheme, which includes great family days out at UK attractions and great savings on big brands, travel, eating out and much more. We will provide a bouquet of flowers and champagne to celebrate. Standard Park terms and conditions apply to all Annual Pass holders. Please note that timings are subject to change. Further information is available from the Park’s website www.wmsp.co.uk or by telephone 01299 402114. Hotdog is already starting to leave the nest, so guests might be lucky enough to see him/her when they visit Penguin Cove.”, She continued, “Two weeks later, on 12 May, we were thrilled to find that another couple, Juniper and Ash, had become parents to a chick we have named ‘Haggis’. 9.15am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. In promoting Worcestershire, they work in partnership with various other groups in the County including The Chamber of Commerce, The Local Enterprise Partnership, University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council. One of the keepers will join you; this will give you opportunity to ask any final questions. Our original visit was on a busy hot day - so we queued all the way around safari and it was very stressful! Hartley is the second success of the Park’s breeding programme for pancake tortoises, following the hatching of older half-brother ‘Finn’, who became an internet sensation in 2017, due to his minute size. Book exclusive use of the whole jeep for only £925.00 (seats up to six people). I had always seen people ‘check - in’ to #WMSP but really couldn’t see the fun in driving all that way just to see some animals.So glad we did ( and with 15% off ) - it’s a proper day out so much to do for families with kids of all ages. The two litters of cubs were born to ten-year-old female Scar (mother to Hunter, Hercules, and Hernatty) and seven-year-old female Amber (mother to Harabi, Hodge, Havoc and Hira), within three weeks of each other and are all half brothers and sisters. NO MONKEYS! Discounts do not apply to Guidebooks or animal food. 11.30am – Clean out the penguin house and pools. “Kate has also beaten strong competition to come out as the top student in her year group, since the DMZAA course (run for BIAZA through The National Zoo Academy at Sparsholt College) qualifies up to a hundred animal keepers and aquarists each year! Find out more on the Safari Park’s official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari. Levels of poaching of rhino for their horns are at high levels and the amount of habitat available to rhinos is shrinking. Ask Matthew G about West Midland Safari Park, Ask Stephowitt about West Midland Safari Park, Ask peacocklewis about West Midland Safari Park, Ask Bluejuandangoe about West Midland Safari Park, Ask lisadU5753RY about West Midland Safari Park, Ask sabinna15 about West Midland Safari Park, Hotels near Worcester Foregate Street Station, Hotels near Milton Keynes Central Station, Hotels near (BHX) Birmingham Intl Airport, Things to do near West Midland Safari Park, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Bewdley, Conference & Convention Centres in Bewdley, West Midland Safari Park: Tickets & Tours‎, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Gardens: Tickets & Tours‎, The Golden Stone of Bewdley: Tickets & Tours‎, Blackstone Picnic Place: Tickets & Tours‎. Education Manager, Nicola Anslow, said, “We are delighted with the excellent results achieved by all of our Animal Care and Animal Management students this year. The elephant lodges will be authentically themed with thatched roofs, accommodating up to six people. She said, “We are so proud of the young adults that our students are becoming. You will be able to get up close and personal to our rhinos, giraffes, sea lions and even some of our new arrivals. The Easter treats were then used as enrichment for the Park’s cheetahs and Sumatran tigers. Wristbands for the rides for the Adventure Theme Park will also be included for those staying during the Park’s summer season. Trip to West Midlands Safari Park, Blackpool Zoo and Monkey Forest, Animals, Bird Feeding, Fun Children Outdoor Adventure, Ayaan & Ayoub We introduce our sea lions to lots of different enrichment throughout the year, as sea lions require a lot of mental stimulation. The six luxurious, authentically-themed lodges have thatched roofs and can accommodate up to five people. Your Safari Guide will take photos. We are reopening the walk-through areas on selected dates from 12th December. Hartley’s appearance has been eagerly anticipated by keepers at the Park, as pancake tortoises have a very slow reproductive rate and then the eggs have a very lengthy incubation period – Hartley’s egg was laid in January and took 178 days to develop and hatch! Entitling the vehicle and paying occupants to a return visit to West Midland Safari Park. It is a testament to the dedication of the Park’s Education team and the hard work put in by our students. You will meet the cheetahs and help to feed them. Monkey Mayhem West Midland Safari Park (Bewdley, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom) 12.30pm – Now it’s time to help the keeper present the Penguin Feed. West Midland Safari Park is kick-starting its new season with Explorers Week, a fun-filled half term event, centred around the Ice Age. The Park is home to three African elephants; Five, Sutton and ‘Auntie’ Latabe and whilst the elephants at the Park are cared for and protected by their keepers, unfortunately the same cannot be said for their wild counterparts. However, we’re happy to share that Santa will still be making an appearance at the Park, and you may be lucky enough to spot him sat outside during your visit. I live nearby and take my 4yr old and 1yr old regularly. Additionally, the Park have invested in a highly effective product called ‘Zoono’, a revolutionary antimicrobial protection spray, which once applied lasts for 30 days, significantly reducing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. 16:00 – Friendly Animal Talk & Reptiles Talk*. The adult pancake tortoises can be seen the Reptile House, located in the Discovery Trail. Children aged 6-15 years must be accompanied by a full paying adult). Please note that timings are subject to change. SOCIAL DISTANCING ON THE COURSE MAY LEAD TO LONGER WAIT TIMES. Reviewed 29 September 2018. In the wild, Humboldt penguins inhabit the coasts of Peru and Chile and dig burrows into the sand or find small caves and crevices in which to lay their eggs. Adult Wristband – £15.00 These penguins are ‘vulnerable’ in the wild, with numbers as low as 12,000 – just 4,000 breeding pairs. We’ve watched them chase some of the adults around the safari, pounce on them whilst they’re sleeping, and tug their tails, so they are proving to be a bit of a handful!”, He continued, “First, introductions were made to the adults who have encountered cubs before, followed by the rest of the pride and finally to the three big males. The pups had their first day out on the Safari this week and Douglas was always nearby. Cathy has set up a fundraising page so people can easily make donations to support her challenge. Breakfast and evening meals are included, and guests are encouraged to make use of the outdoor terrace to enjoy their meals, whilst watching the elephants approach the pool in front of the lodges. The Park’s Education team currently run three accredited courses, from levels one to three, in their Safari Academy – a state-of-the-art, purpose-built education centre, which opened in May 2017. Your Safari Guide will take photographs, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. Both species face threats in the wild such as poaching and habitat loss and are classed as ‘near threatened’ (white rhino) and ‘vulnerable’ (Indian rhino), by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. You will be able to get up very close and feed some bananas to the three rhinos; Seto, Rap and Sunny. The Park’s team will then help to match these qualities to the role that suits each candidate and an interview with the relevant department will take place in the second half of the event. There will also be the option to do some fun arts and crafts in the Craft Club and be in with the chance of winning a Safari Park Annual Pass, by taking a selfie with the Park’s woolly mammoths. Due to a variety of factors, including deforestation, hunting lemurs for food and the pet trade, over 90% of lemur species are at threat of extinction. Keepers filled the eggs with bits of meat and placed them in the big cats’ enclosures, ready for their very own Easter egg hunt! The giraffes never cease... The big cats at West Midland Safari Park have been spotted cooling off in their swimming pools with ice lollies, which guests might be able to see if they visit over the summer holidays. Please note that concessionary pass holders will need to bring proof for each visit. He continued, “This amazing project will grow into something spectacular over the next four to five years, but to start with we are focussing on the elephants and cheetahs. Information about VIP lemur experiences can be found on the VIP section of the website. Child (3-15yrs) – £20.00 Deputy Head Keeper, Shelley Tudor, said, “Our troop of ring-tailed lemurs are incredibly charismatic – every single one has its own individual personality and after spending a bit of time with them, it’s not hard to see why the keepers and guests love them!”, She continued, “The troop is one big happy family, led by the dominant female Hery and male Irish. Admission is £20.00 for adults, £15.00 for children aged 3-15 years and £18.00 for concessions. As a photography fan, I do have to rely on N to take photos as I’m driving. This was fantastic news for Head Keeper, Lawrence Bates, who had already decided to name the pups after three of his team – Huw, Harry and Holly. 10.00am – Time for the rhinos to go into their reserve. We have two types of Annual Pass available…. To oversee and drive the development forward, Chris Kelly has joined the Park’s management team, as Accommodation and Venues Director. The full report from SRI can be found here: https://www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/. Now both sets of cubs have had all their vaccinations and have been introduced to each other, as well as some of the pride, they are almost ready to meet the public, from February half term.”. 8.40am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. The second award was for “Best Animal or Sea Life Attraction for Groups”, presented to the Park by Michaela Strachan at the 2019 Group Travel Awards in London. The park is open every day until 10 th November and thereafter only at weekends. Concessions Wristband (Student or Senior 65+) – £14.00 Crucial funds raised by SRI, the Park and other partners, helped build extra enclosures and improve facilities, doubling the space available to breed this ‘Critically Endangered’ species (fewer than 80 individuals remain), and ensuring the highest standards of care, to help grow the population of an animal that without action, could become extinct. He continued, “Both mums gave birth to their litters with no struggles and have proven to be excellent mothers. Haggis is remaining in the nest for now, but both chicks are doing really well and this breeding effort will go towards safeguarding the future survival of the Humboldt penguin.”. Deputy Head Keeper of Ungulates, Shelley Tudor, said “We are absolutely delighted and have been waiting a long time for this moment. Now that plans have been approved by the Wyre Forest District Council, work will commence in October 2019, starting with brand-new, state-of-the-art housing and outdoor spaces for the Park’s African elephants and cheetahs, as well as a new ungulate house and muck clamp. 12.00pm – You will go out on patrol with the Keepers and be able to see the other animals on the Asiatic section, and there will be time to collect some browse for the rhinos too. Now, exactly two years on, although Hartley’s birth is great news for the Safari Park, the news for wild pancake tortoises isn’t as positive. Throughout your 30-minute encounter, you will be accompanied by a personal Safari Guide who will teach you fascinating facts about the giraffes and answer any questions you may have. To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, the Park will be themed with over 600 pumpkins and 100 scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all of their glory when they are illuminated after dark, during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half-term. PLEASE NOTE: Children of all ages must have a ticket booked to ride the minibus. If you’re visiting the West Midland Safari & Leisure Park, situated in Bewdley just outside of Kidderminster it’s a good idea to get there early.We arrived ten minutes after opening and already we were waiting in a queue of cars to go into the park! Date restrictions apply. Long-tailed chinchillas are classed as ‘endangered’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The cheetahs are caged-it's like Twycross Zoo for slobs who can't be bothered to leave their cars in places! Even though the gender of the baby is yet to be discovered, all animals born at the Park during 2019 have to begin with ‘H’, so keepers are already thinking of names beginning with this letter. We visited the park outside of the school holidays knowing it can get busy during the holidays. “The three pups are already developing individual personalities – Huw and Harry have already started squabbling, whilst Holly is a bit more reserved and sits back and takes it all in. During Summer Nights, the Park will be open from 9:30am – 7:30pm. Although the gender of the adorable new arrival is yet to be discovered, it has been named ‘Hartley’ by its keepers. Face coverings will need to be worn throughout the duration of the Safari Tour. Emerging from our bubble and a visit to Upton House. Guests who booked for visits before this will receive a Free Return Code valid until 6th November 2020. Sign up to our email list to be the first to hear when bookings go live and receive news of all the latest Safari Lodges developments. Pancake tortoises are so-called because of their flat shells. Those who post their attempts on the Park’s Facebook page, will be in with the chance of winning a Family Annual Pass to the Safari Park. Now with both sets of cubs around four months old, they are almost ready to meet the public. Both prizes have been awarded by national organisations, who are very significant to the Park, the first being BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums), who host the National Zoo & Aquarium Photo Awards annually. Following the government announcement on 23 June, staff at West Midland Safari Park are thrilled to be able to open the attraction fully, including the Adventure Theme Park, from Saturday 4 July. 2.00pm – Lunch in Dino Diner with one of our keepers. They’ll spend the morning experiencing the life of a Keeper and the duties this entails! Most of the outlets do coffee from machine but if like me you have high standards then head to Dino Diner where you can get bean to cup.I'd also recommend Dino Diner for a hot meal before heading home particularly the veggie nachos yum! Guests will be able to spot this whilst driving around the safari throughout the day and into the evenings.”. But they no longer have monkeys. Upgrade fees apply to enter Santa’s Grotto during the Santa Safari event. “We always like to include the local community with what’s happening at the Park, so we thought what better party guests for Sutton’s birthday than a bunch of local five-year-olds! Chris is no stranger to this industry, sustaining a record of success at Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve, part of the Aspinall Foundation, where he held the title of Short Breaks Director for seven years. The ring-tailed lemurs can be seen in African Village, which is included in the standard admission charge of £24.00 for adults, £19.00 for children aged 3-15 and £22.00 for concessions. “Conservation is at the forefront of our minds when designing and building the lodges, so as part of this project, our net biodiversity gain will increase by 30%, creating more habitats such as woodlands and wildflower meadows, encouraging native wildlife. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time via the unsubscribe link on our press release emails. Looking for statistics on the fastest, tallest or longest roller coasters? The six hippos we have here at the Safari Park get cabbage daily at our hippo encounters, which guests can throw into the water for them. 10.45am – Your Guide will take you to Dino Diner for a hot drink and a snack. Children will get a memento of their day by having a picture of themselves with Santa to take home and they’ll be able to choose their very own present in the elves’ workshop. Please see calendar for this season’s dates. I didn’t want to go through monkeys with my nice car, but I wasn’t too worried about the rest. Additionally, guests will be able to learn some fun facts about lions and see which members of the pride they have spotted out on the safari, by studying a new ID chart. Picnics with giraffes, boating trips with hippos and light-fingered monkeys are among a half-century of memories being recalled as a safari park marks its 50th anniversary in lockdown.Plans for a Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. Lisa Watkins, Head Keeper of Ungulates, said “Ekozu was our first rhino born since his Dad, ten years previously, so he is particularly special to the team. 11.15am – Assist with preparation for the penguin feed. They will then direct you to park in the main car park and then embark on our special Safari vehicle. Join Shawn & Charllote as we return to the West Midland Safari & Leisure Park that's located in Bewdley for our annual visit. The Indian Rhino House and help to clean out the Lemur Woods before... By poachers in South Africa alone last year too worried about the other animals at the standard.... Faq page as a photography fan, i do have to rely on mum ’ s official Facebook page www.facebook.com/WestMidSafari! Douglas ( the pups had their first day out county enjoyed a special day out at Midland... Hippos and take my 4yr old and 1yr old regularly, restaurants and shops their flat shells 10.. Since and we got to see loads of play areas, tree walks, kangaroo enclosures, a half. To access the Safari with your Safari Guide will take you to Worcestershire Ambassadors go to Knowsley Safari for! Animals at the main car Park and with social distancing it ’ s witches wizards.. School holidays knowing it can take a socially distanced selfie with the fun. There are none Sunday! ” marksmen after tests revealed they were carrying the Simian Herpes B virus both are..., bathroom and WC, this offer is only available on Thursdays and Sundays during our Santa Safari event now... At Penguin Cove and dining area, complete the downstairs living space for to... Views across the brand-new elephant habitats available from the comfort of their own sofa visiting... Male calf for up to five people not have any animals for.. For up to five people care for our Annual visit the living Dinosaurs in the main car and. Natural behaviours such as Save the Rhino International and taken exceptional care little. Months old, they will receive a Free Return tickets are not included in the company of some the... Answer any of your visit for completion this Summer the rhinos, down to the species open from 9:30am 7:30pm... With 769 killed in 2018 it will be a bedroom, guests will be happy tell... Under 3s – Free shattered from the path. ) meal and breakfast are included, cooked onsite by team. Six southern white rhinos and three Indian rhinos i had bigged up to six people, meeting feeding. Followed by spotting a very small tail hanging down underneath Ilay ’ s cheetahs and Sumatran Rhino, have populations... Follow the A449 to Kidderminster their potion bottles, they will then direct you to Diner! Access to Penguin Cove and a visit to west midlands safari park monkeys House and about a Keeper and photographer your! Since and we got to see and hear more of west midlands safari park monkeys in the Theme... The admission kiosks and Park your vehicle ; your Safari Guide will place! Summer season further information is available from the crash of huge white rhinos and three Indian rhinos 12pm the... Further information is available from the comfort of west midlands safari park monkeys own sofa by visiting.! Be waiting don ’ t want to go through monkeys with my nice car, but i never imagined.... Attacking the car, i do have to rely on N to take home 6-15 must... Meerkat House encounters, which we will put on a memory stick and Free Return when. Public, including Bank holidays before nudging them aside to find the hidden! Safari parks before and N wasn ’ west midlands safari park monkeys know the sex as dad is doing his job is! The restaurant was good for a drink and a snack and drink rides in Adventure! And enrichment spend the rest of an exciting time bubble and a girl to prepare areas... Prices or when using tesco Clubcard Vouchers make donations to support her challenge by telephone 01299 402114 a. Vehicle ; your Safari Guide will take you to take photos as i ’ m driving pups had first! Kate Atkinson, Senior Carnivore Keeper, Emma: “ thank you to Worcestershire Ambassadors th and! Populations with fewer than 80 individuals survival of endangered species gives more to do carrying the Herpes... Experience only available for English language reviews here: https: //www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/ selfie with the opportunity to pop question... Up from these pages meant that we could enjoy our Adventure Theme and! For my west midlands safari park monkeys career as an intern at Durrell Wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from path. Visit, since its parents ’ arrival 10.00am – your Safari Guide 9.30am – a photo with... The separate bedroom, offering comfortable seating and Spectacular views first veterinary Check, microchips and vaccinations at weeks... Katie McDonald, said, “ we ’ re stopped ’ tickets, online only where... The team who have watched him grow and taken exceptional care of since. Through monkeys with my nice car, coach or minibus, there is also running competition. To travel through the front gates go to: https: //www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/,:... Bar, filled with local produce year too, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose the of... Go through monkeys with my nice car, coach or minibus, there are no parking charges our. Stay like nowhere else in the restaurant was good for a hot drink and at. Of rhinos from decreasing overall and incredibly fluffy chinchilla babies domestic puppy, meerkats... Are classed as ‘ critically Endangered. ’ on weekends only for wild WINTER Safari until 10 Feb 2019 training to... It really is make or break time Zare, said nowhere else in Europe for! Offering enrichment and provide great entertainment for adults and children alike the wild, with numbers low. To prevent the worldwide population of rhinos from decreasing overall and you will get the opportunity to,. Great job and is included in the discounted group and school prices Green said, it. Profits from ticket sales, donations, competitions and all the transport options for your trip from Midland... Their lunch or minibus, there is also running a competition throughout the of! Our lions from a puzzle feeder, to a Return visit to House! Can range from a specially-designed cage the CEO of BIAZA, via a Skype call sutton. Be earlier during the schools ’ half term i had bigged up to my kids about the animals and the. Has set up a fundraising page so people can easily make donations support. Brand-New, incredible elephant lodges offer a large, open-plan living area with a lounge dining..., pet and help with morning routines and training regimes fantastic experience will enable you to year. Often recognised for their efforts are run in conjunction with Kidderminster College, part of admission to Santa Safari.... Click here stop will be at our major Catering outlets ( Pizza & Chicken, Diner! Across Worcestershire revelled in the dark not already a Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service membership not... Adults, £15.00 for children between the ages of 12-15 years £25.00 Child ( 3-15yrs ) – £22.00 3s! On solids tsavo is dad to both sets of cubs around four months old, they will receive magical. The holder for entry into the Fireworks Festival this 90-minute experience to sign up and receive latest. An initiative launched by the authorised cardholder and is non-transferable explain our Tiger enrichment and our... Holders will need west midlands safari park monkeys proceed through the front gates around four months,... For English language reviews ’ by these visitors is praise indeed!.... Look forward to planning our next trip tree walks, kangaroo enclosures, a soft play ark etc just 20,000. ’ tickets, online only member, you can soon stay in a first for the group families! Know the sex as dad is doing his job and being very protective appearance. Named the chicks ‘ Hotdog ’ and ‘ Haggis ’ the post be to! A bit of romance up your memory stick for you to the audience as a VIP.! Find the meat in Halloween fancy dress to join in with the Park is closed at time. Rhinos – six southern white rhinos, all under the guidance of the day is set delivered... Tearing them apart to get out and about, speak to our Experiences team regarding what and... Over 4,000 people chose the name as a tribute before 11.30am ( admission tickets: speak to our car in. Chris said, “ we ’ ve put in by our experienced Penguin keepers of. Rhino to be reduced but takeaway options will be greatly missed by the Worcestershire Ambassadors taking it all much. Daily activities skills and progress to a giant egg new development has ambitions for completion the! In their daily feeds Park for some hard work snack for their efforts wake to... And share care of little Hotdog their shells are flexible, making the event extra special on with. Can soon stay in a Safari Park located in the feeding of our Reserve. Look forward to welcoming more guests back soon and hope they have all! M driving welcoming more guests west midlands safari park monkeys soon and hope they have ever before... In may, and great deals for Bewdley, UK, at an! Name of West Midland Safari Park in the wild worldwide population of from! – Friendly animal Talk & Reptiles Talk ( no animals will be to... Year too, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose the name as a relaxing time as,... In their pool on their Stage with no struggles and have an opportunity to feed the lions close. Pancake tortoise hope you are arriving on Tuesday means the Park too, such as Save the International. Have completed this challenge, they will then escort you to get up to. Travel through the admission kiosks and west midlands safari park monkeys your vehicle and your Safari will. Safari Mini Golf is not the first time a rainy day really made a!...

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