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This position requires a semester commitment. Game time is 6:00 pm. The Dedman Center Lifeguards participated in a (not so) dry-run of an event set to … Classrooms and Studio 1 are not available for Drop-In Use and must be reserved in advance through Dedman Center’s Reservations and Special Events. By Chloe Dinsdale. Memberships are available to alumni and public. Winter Hours. Mask is required when social distancing cannot be maintained. SMU OA transcends recreation and focuses on preparing future leaders for life after SMU. 2015/09/18 at 4:10 PM - Daily Campus Staff - 5y ago 3. Officials are still able to participate on teams in the league. The Center offers 170,000 square feet of indoor recreational space plus an outdoor social area that includes The Falls (a zero entry pool with 7-foot waterfalls), two sand volleyball courts, and leisure spaces. • Minors must be manually checked in at the Front Desk each visit. Actively participated in monthly Commission meetings regarding all matters pertaining to the city's parks and recreation activities. New Starbucks in Dedman Rec Center attracts students. For Drop-In Use of studios, individual MUST sign in at the Dedman Center’s front desk. Please let your trainer know and he/she can train you in a less exposed area of the gym or in a studio room (if it is available). NOW SEEKING CERTIFIED LIFEGUARDS TO BEGIN IMMEDIATELY AND DEDMAN OPERATIONS ASSISTANTS. American Red Cross Lifeguard certification and teaching experience preferred. This building is designed to reflect the Collegiate Georgian character, which is both important and dominant on the SMU campus. This position is the highest-paying job for students on campus, and is in high demand. If unable to access job announcement in SMU Handshake, please email dchamber@smu.edu. Questions should be addressed to the Division of Enrollment Services, Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750181, Dallas TX 75275-0181; phone 214-768-1096. Times and days of week are subject to change. You will just need to attend the trainings associated with each sport to enter the hiring process and be eligible for hire. Bathrooms on all levels will be open for use as long as adhering to social distancing. Whether designing and delivering outdoor recreational trips and workshops, mentoring and instructing peers, or working shifts at the Rental Shop and Climbing Wall, the SMU OA Leader is positively impacting the lives of others. 3374 Staff Office Number: 214.768.3366 Physical Address: The Dedman Center for … be age 18 or older to use fitness and workout equipment including machines and free weights. SMU/Dedman Center ID or government issued photo ID is REQUIRED. Personal speakers are prohibited on fitness floor and weight room. Curious, you approach the building and hear soft, relaxing, and surprisingly familiar tunes. Mask or Face-Covering is REQUIRED within Dedman Center at all times and exterior properties when social distancing cannot be maintained. 3. Indoor Soccer Court: Limited to four (4) individuals and no competitive play or games. Excludes holidays. Basketball: Courts may not be dominated by an individual or group. Wednesday, March 16, 6 – 9 p.m. Fitness floor equipment and machines are first come, first serve. Dining Services. Every effort has been made to include in this catalog information that, at the time of publication, most accurately represents Southern Methodist University. No cash transactions will be accepted; credit card payments only. Equipment reservations are required in advance. Minors with an Annual Minor Membership available with Membership may use the Dedman Center during Family Recreation Hours unless participating in a Campus Recreation sponsored or approved program/camp. SMU/Dedman Center ID or government issued photo ID is REQUIRED. Must be age 18 or older to use fitness and workout equipment including machines and free weights. Pick up all trash and return equipment to proper location. Photographs/filming of Group Exercise and Personal Training must be approved by SMU Fitness program in addition to completion of this request. All trainings will get started in Dedman Center Classroom 1 and athletic attire is required. Unless otherwise directed by University officials and administration: In pursuit of cultivating the healthy student, we deliver opportunities that foster lifelong well-being through programs, services, and facilities. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet at all times with all individuals. Our current policies do not allow for grandparents to bring their grandchildren unless the grandchildren live with the grandparents as dependents. This position requires certification as an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. To enter Dedman Center, even for PRW class: 1. be an enrolled SMU student, a Dedman Center Member, or paid Guest. If not actively using equipment, it is available to others. Connect With Us. The SMU Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports is a premier campus fitness and recreation center. Leader training takes time, energy, commitment and dedication to the Leader Mission: Weights and workout equipment are not to be removed from the Fitness floor or studios. Limited capacity of 40 people and adherence to social distancing. Strong verbal and written communication skills, Approachability, enthusiastic, and friendly; proactive and ability to anticipate patrons' needs. Students who will be returning in the fall semester will see no interruption in their access to the facility. Courts are first come, first serve unless an existing reservation by a department or student. The center features a combination fitness, competitive and recreational pool – along with the popular outdoor fountain known as the falls. Limited hours of operation and capacity limits (See Hours and Schedule page). No drop-in rentals. Non-SMU personnel will need to complete Guest procedures and pay the $10 guest fee to enter. 6000 Bush Ave 2015/04/09 at 1:22 PM - Schuyler Mack. Racquetball/Squash: Limited to single (1) use only. Photographing/filming on or at the Climbing Wall must be approved by SMU OutdoorAdventures in addition to the completion of this request. The provisions of the publication are not, however, to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and Southern Methodist University.

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