High Quality Biocides for a Balanced Microbiome

We start from the premise that the human being is a habitat by itself for all kinds of microorganisms. To have a thorough understanding the relation between the skin integrity and skin problems, the impact of modern environments..

Specialty Dermatology and Skin Care Products

Recent researches has uncovered that both the skin barrier and the microbiome has equal importance on skin integrity. Changes in the microbiome may be linked with a disruption of skin’s natural barrier, which can cause..

Commercial Products
and Services

Corena Therapeutics GmbH is also a Swiss pharmaceutical wholesaler, specialized in sourcing and delivering pharma products, medical devices and drugs from and to all over the world. We are compliant with the requirements..

Clinical Trial Supplies For Comparator Drugs

Corena Therapeutics GmbH has a considerable global network of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and carefully selected QA-qualified healthcare professionals to provide cost-effective access to virtually any..

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