Company’s Overview

Corena Therapeutics GmbH is a Swiss company that has been successfully operating on the market for healthcare industry for over a decade. The daily business is dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of healthcare products. The company has its corporate headquarters located in Neuchâtel – Switzerland and committed to responsibility, dependability, and loyalty toward our employees, customers, and suppliers. These values apply equally to all members of the Corena Therapeutics, and we consider the highest quality standards a given. Although our roots are in Neuchâtel, we are represented in core markets of our industry with our business partners in more than 80 countries and this keeps us continuously updated about innovations of all kinds. The experience areas of the management team cover research and specializations which are critical elements for us to bring a service of excellence.

Our portfolio includes:

  • High Quality Biocides for Barrier Integrity and Balanced Skin Microbiome
  • Specialty Dermatology and Skincare Products
  • Commercial Products and Services
  • Clinical Trial Supplies and Comparator Sourcing

We are engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative sanitation skin care products. Our aim is to address patients and skin specialists by providing them with innovative solutions and a revolutionary approach to skin care. Our brand is offering a wide range of skincare products from high quality biocides for barrier integrity and balanced skin microbiome to specialty dermatology line. We believe that our approach on skin microbiome will contribute to the future of dermatology. Today, we are proud to have this unique approach in the design and development of water-based high quality biocides for hospitals, healthcare industry and public health.

As a reliable licensed Swiss pharmaceutical wholesaler, we are specialized in sourcing and delivering pharma product and medical devices from and to all over the world. Our aim is to keep earning our business partner’s appreciation continously.

We have a thorough understanding of clinial trial requirements during the procurement process, either commercial drugs for comparator trials or innovator products for biosimilar development. Our global network of suppliers gives us the capability to procure drugs across the globe. We buy directly from manufacturers and fully audited wholesalers.