High Quality Biocides for Barrier Integrity and Balanced Skin Microbiome

We start from the premise that the human being is a habitat by itself for all kinds of microorganisms. To have a thorough understanding the relation between the skin integrity and skin problems, the impact of modern environments on skin ecology and barrier function should be redefined. Many novel environmental agents and lifestyle factors have a destructive impact on the microbial communities that colonize our bodies. As a result, they harm our health. Briefly, “the modern lifestyle” has damaging effects on the human skin microbiome and barrier function.

There is a strong link between the distortion of skin microbiome and the skin problems. Being an important part of health, skin itself, is a source for transmitting microorganisms. Right skin hygiene practices and skin antisepsis may decrease the incidence of diseases and infections, therefore optimisation of skin antisepsis is essential.

Protecting health by preventing infection is an intrinsically more sustainable approach than treatment. Hygiene has the potential directly to improve sustainability because its aim is to promote and protect health. Effective antisepsis of skin with mild and gentle biocides provides an optimized skin antisepsis and provides a prevention through effective hygiene that becomes of even greater importance than any therapeutics approaches.

On the treatment guidelines skin problems and diseases, high quality biocides that does not compromise the skin integrity should be combined with other agents, to enhance and accelerate the treatments by killing and removing the microbes that may cause diseases from the patient’s skin, potentially reducing secondary infection rates. In fact, by reducing the number of infections through good hygiene, which in some cases requires the use of a biocidal hygiene product, the number of courses of antibiotic treatment can be reduced, which can in turn reduce the impact of antibiotic resistance. Skin hygiene is recognised as the single most important activity for an effective Infection Prevention&Control Programs and Public Health. Development and marketing of products and processes that deliver hygiene in a safe and sustainable way, using combinations of germ removal and germ kill as appropriate should be encouraged and facilitated.

Corena Therapeutics GmbH acknowledges the importance of skin sanitation and disifection practices and has developed a range of high quality biocides for a balanced skin microbiome for a variety of skin types. As one of the leading specialists for disinfection, hygiene and skin protection, CT protects personnel, patients and products throughout the world against infection and contamination. Our products ensure a high efficiency with a maximum of compatibility for humans, animals, materials and environment.

Corena Therapeutics helps protect people from germs that causes skin diseases and creates new markets and revenue streams by enabling a new class of products that are the right choice for the optimized disinfection of skin.

  • Coresatin Sanitizing Creams are skin disinfecting formulations for providing antimicrobial effectiveness to the skin without irritation or dryness.
  • Coresatin Sanitizing Creams are high-quality biocides that is not compromising the skin integrity, the protecting lipid layer structure and its natural defense mechanism .
  • Coresatin Sanitizing Creams provides optimal moisturisation to the skin, minimising irritations associated with fungicidal and bacterial activity.

FOPH Authorization No: CHZN4384