Company’s mission and philosophy

“We are committed to meet the highest standards of ethics and corporate compliance as specified in Corena Therapeutics GmbH mission, values, philosophy and Corporate Behaviour Charter below:”

To develop high-quality mild biocides and skin care products for a high quality of life with a thorough understanding of impact and damaging effects of modern environments and life-styles on skin ecology and barrier integrity.

Our motto is clear: “skin barrier function and integrity is associated with the efficacy of skin antisepsis” We strive to be a global research-driven “protective skin care company” that is trusted by communities.

From the very beginning our journey is the complete satisfaction by providing effective “skin antisepsis with optimal care” without giving up the enthusiasm of enjoying a balanced life.

From the empathy and understanding we have acquired because of the devoting to our work, having suffered some skin problems on ourselves and knowing all kind of unnecessary skin cares available in the market, we can claim that compassion, fairness, honesty, perseverance, prosperity are the colours that our flag is made of and they are strictly connected to our four priorities: client at the centre of our activity, building trust with society, reinforcing our reputation and developing our business. Both values and priorities are deeply ingrained in our ways of working to ensure our commitment to the quality.

We contribute to the healthier lives of people around the world through the creation of hygiene and skin care products.

Corporate Behaviour Charter:

We maintain high ethical standards, place priority on fairness and integrity in all activities and act in accordance with the following guidelines:

As people involved in the biocides market, we will work with pride and a sense of mission as we endeavour to research and develop high quality mild biocides and skin products that are needed by society and to ensure product safety and high quality, as well as providing literature and tips to contribute with the education the society in the skin care that hygiene needs to be repositioned alongside other values of healthy living such as good diet and exercise rather than something that is old fashioned, unnatural and potentially unhealthy.

With acute sensitivity and a broad perspective, we will focus on our future direction, decisively take on the challenge of meeting higher goals and strive to create innovative value.

For us, innovating is much more than inventing or integrating novelties. Innovating is to overcome ourselves to meet a need and bring improvements to the quality of public health.

But we will not settle for this, a constant collaboration with health professionals and the scientific community is essential for Corena Therapeutics GmbH.

We have continuous investment in research that enable us to develop reliable, effective products for skin care and hygiene purposes.

We conduct extensive research in cooperation with experts from leading research centres, laboratories, foreign universities and CRO’s. Corena Therapeutics GmbH carries out R&D projects financed by public organisms.

Through free and open communication, we will promote mutual understanding and respect and we will emphasize teamwork as we strive to maximize our results based on strong relationships of trust.

We will work to achieve harmonious coexistence with society by acting with consideration for local communities and the environment.